About Us


ARECHAR Healthcare, incorporated in India, is a leading manufacturer of Life-Saving Drugs. Its team has been working to serve the patients with Effective, Attested, and Approved Medicines all over the world. In the field of Pharmaceuticals, ARECHAR has attained an Authoritative Position worldwide. Since its founding, Social Responsibility has been at the core of ARECHAR Healthcare. It is one of the Experienced Manufacturers of High-Quality Finished Dosages Formulation (FDF) in the field of Pharmaceuticals.

Origin: Its Corporate Social Responsibility accelerated the drive to create a better world with the increased Production and Accessibility of Life-Saving Regimens. Through an alliance with FAITH IN TOMORROW Cancer Foundation, ARECHAR Healthcare stepped in a world of reality to collect evidences of how badly the people need the right treatment opportunities and medicines. Catering to the demands of patients and addressing the inaccessibility issue, ARECHAR Healthcare managed to prepare Anecdotes of the real scenario by visiting both urban and rural areas, to initiate its action with beliefs to redefine humanity.

“Our mission supports healthcare, our vision transforms lives.”

ARECHAR Healthcare is established on the Foundation of Values. Its employees and other members are trained in accordance with Humanitarian Beliefs. Majorly, the team abides by the three Core Values:

  • Integrity with Honesty

  • Focus on Innovation Strategies

  • Skillful Data Analysis

With a Highly Qualified and Dedicated Workforce, ARECHAR maintains abidance to the Quality Standards and ensures the safety of medicines. Having expertise in formulating Innovative Finished Dosage, the entity produces various formulations in compliance with Approved procedures of manufacturing in the field of pharmaceuticals. The Production Capabilities of the Business include Solid Orals (Coated Tablets, Uncoated Tablets, Hard Gelatin Capsules) and Injections.

Each Employee of the Firm possesses the Highest Standards of Professionalism and the initiatives cover all the aspects of Good Health including High-Quality Medicines, easy access to Life-Saving Drugs, and the healthy life of patients all over the world.

Our Manufacturing Plants are highly certified by strict Global Regulatory Authorities. We are one of the experienced Manufacturers of High-Quality Finished Dosages Formulation (FDF) in the field of Pharmaceuticals. The Manufacturing Strategies of ARECHAR Healthcare ensure abidance to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

Ask any of the employees of ARECHAR Healthcare why they work every day and you will get the same response,
“Because Serving Humanity Is Our Ultimate Goal.”