Life at Arechar

Talented and skilled workforce has created an innovative space at Arechar for practicing similar goals to use Science and
Technology for the people’s health and betterment. We believe that people with diverse skills working together on a
united mission can create wonders! Our dedication and emphasis on innovative formulations through a supportive work
culture makes us unique and systematic.

  • Friendlly working environment
  • Professional freedom
  • Transgender-inclusiveness maintained
  • Scope of learning & improvement
  • A team that cares


For the Volunteers of our firm, we grant holidays as per the schedule for Volunteering Programs. Ensuring our employees’
welfare, we formulate clauses and maintain their transparency effectively. The new parents working at Arechar Healthcare
are exclusively granted parental leaves (often paid) and exceptional child-care benefits, for we understand your roles and
wish to create a better space for them. We believe that exploration is the key to new achievements. Therefore, we grant
full freedom of exploration to our employees and encourage their innovative ideas by giving them periodic chances.
Also, no gender is less than the other in any terms. Therefore, Arechar does not encourage any kind of inferiority in the
working environment. To abide by the social norms and harmonious regulations, we ensure the maintenance of transgen
der-inclusiveness. Health issuance and other health benefits are also assured by Arechar to its employees. This includes a
detailed and structured plan as per your role in the business. We encourage team-working and set goals as per the inter
ests and insights of the team members. Collectively, we are working and addressing the problems faced by our employ
ees, for their better experience with Arecha

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