Social Responsibility

CSR and Inheritance


Out of the four types of Corporate Social Responsibilities, ARECHAR Healthcare took relevant steps in volunteerism. With FAITH IN TOMORROW Cancer Foundation, ARECHAR Healthcare translated people’s fear to faith through:


With the “Faith In Tomorrow” Cancer Foundation, Arechar Healthcare has been successful in continuous campaigning to thrive an impeccable change in the healthcare sector. The set of activities initiated for a social revolution includes Health-Checkup Camps, “Bharat Temporary Satellite Clinic”, and Awareness Campaigns in Ladwa, Mathana, Kurukshetra, Rohtak, and many other regions covering the whole nation.

Press Release

Our joint initiatives against Cancer and its prevention targeted the rural or remote areas across the country and led to a serious propagation of healthy lifestyle changes among the people. The “War Against Cancer” took a major turn when the team of Arechar joined hands with “Faith In Tomorrow” Cancer Foundation to accelerate the drive of preventing cancer through timely immunization of females against HPV. Such collaborative steps have been published in 4 national and 11 regional newspapers till date, with our punchline “With Prevention, We Can Beat Cancer.”


To educate the people, we conduct Online Programs and have impacted the lives of more than 2,50,000 people by now. We execute our plans and implement the strategies through our skilled and experienced team of oncologists, healthcare workers, and social activists from different regions of the country. With the Cancer Founder, Arechar has bought Volunteering Programs comprising talented Volunteers for Online sessions.

Training Workshops

We conduct Training Workshops in alliance with experienced doctors from different hospitals to spread the needed awareness about Cancer Prevention and Timely Immunization among the people. Moreover, we are working on all the aspects of cancer control. With a strong management structure and defined processes, we engage with people to educate them about the need for HPV Vaccine and its role in the prevention of cervical cancer. Arechar Healthcare has come forward in alliance with “Faith In Tomorrow” to vaccinate at least 20,000 females by the end of this year.

Testing and Screening

Cancer has been a major threat to human lives and its root cause is still not known to us! Therefore, the best way to beat cancer is its early detection. Keeping this in mind, we have appointed a reliable staff for free Testing and Cancer Screening of the suspects. We have organized “Bharat Temporary Satellite Clinics” for the noble purpose of saving precious lives through the detection of cancer at an early and treatable stage.

Medication and Treatment

Social responsibility and the need for a remarkable change have bought positive insights into Arechar’s mission of healthcare. We are working each day to provide proper access to treatment in government and private hospitals at low and affordable costs. This is because most of the people (belonging to the economically weaker section of the society) are not able to get proper access to the required medications due to the lack of resources and awareness.

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