Our Business


The Management Council of Arechar Healthcare has formulated precise codes of conduct. From monitoring the activities of Research to assuring the efficacy of drugs, our team works each day to accomplish better outcomes in the field of Pharmaceuticals. The Council leads the Business with well-defined tools, processes, data, and resources (including Scientists, Technologists, and Health workers). With the right goals, strategic plans, up-to-date policies, and a strict professional approach, we have secured an Authoritative position in the industry.

Contractual Selling

In order to avoid hurdles while selling products, certain terms of transactions are prepared and mutually agreed upon. For commercial supply of FDA-approved formulations, we encourage contract-based orders that obligate us and the second party to act in a specific professional manner. The process of contractual selling at Arechar Healthcare works on three stages:- Service Identification, Preparation of a detailed Tender and Contract, and Checking the validity of the written agreement.

R & D

Arechar’s Research Team has worked on a set of activities in order to develop effective formulations in the field of Oncology, HIV, and Hepatitis. Our R&D experts have researched and created Anecdotes stating the necessity and unaffordability of Life-Saving Drugs across the globe. With the increasing incidence of diseases and lack of reliable products, it became necessary to step forward and formulate high-quality Generics for the patients.
Despite challenging regulations and competition, our products are leading the industry with the diligence of over 1300 scientists working in 5000+ laboratories for more than 32 trials.